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Arve Henriksen

RLP3037 - Arve Henriksen: Chiaroscuro (LP)
PRICE: 179,00 NOK
LP – Limited white vinyl
PRICE: 219,00 NOK

The white vinyl edition comes in a quantity of only 100.

It´s about time that one of the absolute classics in our catalogue is finally available as a separate vinyl edition (it can also be found in the Solidification box set). Originally released in 2004, "Chiaroscuro" was Arve´s second solo album, it was hailed by critics everywhere and remains one of our most popular releases. Here are some quotes from back then:

If music is measured solely on its spiritual impact, then ”Chiaroscuro” is clearly a strong contender for album of the year. Allaboutjazz (US)

A profound and singularly moving statement. BBC Online (UK)

Certainly, this beautiful CD is the first recording to make me cry in a very long time.
The Wire (UK)

It's an extraordinary record now squatting my cd machine like a gentle dogkicker. Beautiful. Straight No Chaser (UK)

One of the most telling and significant records in new Norwegian music in a long time. Dagsavisen (NO)

I haven´t heard music this beautiful in a long time. A complete, organic, focused expression from beginning to end. 6/6. VG (NO)

Released 05.05.17


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